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To meet your needs, Childcare Solutions® locates qualified care-providers through our network of affiliations and referrals. We then thoroughly interview and completely screen each candidate. This process includes thorough background and reference checks to assure that only the highest quality care providers are sent to you for your personal selection.

Childcare Solutions® has been helping families employ qualified in-home care providers since 1991. We are happy to provide you with references and details of our search and interview processes. Our sole purpose is to make it possible for you to create a safe, convenient and nurturing home environment for your family.

"So, what does a Nanny do?"

With Childcare Solutions®, the question is "what do you need your Nanny to do to provide proper care for your children and make your life easier?"

It all starts with the JOB DESCRIPTION that you provide us...

We begin by taking the time to understand the specific details of your needs. Our search and screening is then based upon your criteria. The candidates we refer to you for consideration will all have a clear understanding of your needs and be pre-qualified to work with your family.

Above all else, the primary responsibility of a Nanny is the HEALTH, SAFETY and WELFARE of your children. It is customary for a Nanny to plan age appropriate activities that teach, enlighten and engage your children as well as to tend to the preparation of children's meals, care for the children's laundry and tidiness of the children's personal areas and possessions. Beyond that, a Nanny may very well be open to taking on additional responsibilities within your household. It is not unusual for a Nanny to grow in to the position of "Household Manager".

Successful relationships are built on a clear understanding of expectations. With more than 18 years experience and the combined resources of the International Nanny Association (INA) as our standard, Childcare Solutions creates a comprehensive agreement between you and your Nanny that stands as the foundation of a long-term relationship.

The customary contract for a full-time Nanny is for one year. We have many care-providers who have remained with the same family for four, five, even eight years (and counting!).


Full-Time and Part-Time Care

A full-time Nanny is engaged to provide child care in your home on a contract basis. Situations typically involve a work week of 40 or more hours, Monday through Friday. However, we are seeing many full time positions that now involve 10 hours per day, 4 days a week. Both live-in and live-out situations can be accommodated. A situation of less than 37 1/2 hours per week is considered PART-TIME.

The advantage of working with Childcare Solutions® is that we provide you with pre-qualified referrals that meet your specific requirements. Our candidates have been pre-screened for both eligibility and suitability for your specific and unique circumstances. This saves you an enormous amount of time and energy. You will interview only qualified candidates that meet your specific search criteria, selecting a care provider most appropriate for your family's personality and needs.

Once you have interviewed and selected a care provider, Childcare Solutions® assists you in making an offer of employment and helps you through the maze of considerations: Compensation, Benefits, Insurance, Tax related issues and Payroll.

When a Nanny has accepted your offer of employment Childcare Solutions® works with you to create a list of job responsibilities and then brings you together with your new Nanny to draft a "Parent-Nanny Agreement". This employment contract becomes the blueprint of your ongoing relationship woth each other. Together, we clearly define job responsibilities, hours, compensation, benefits and expectations. By placing everyone's expectations in writing, we help avoid misunderstandings later and help ensure a long term relationship.

Live-In Au Pair Care

Is a professional Nanny more than you need? Do you have older children and need only morning and afternoon/evening assistance? Do you want to expose your family to cultural diversity? Can you acommodate a "live-in" young adult?

If so, a foreign exchange student, or "Au Pair", may be the perfect solution for your family. Authorized by the U.S. Department of State to live with a U.S. "Host Family" for a period of one year (or more), an Au Pair from Asia, Europe or South America can provide your family with up to 45 hours per week of child care assistance in exchange for room, board and a weekly stipend of under $200.

Learn more about the U.S. Authorized Agent Au Pair program here.

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Often a family finds that they need help with child care for a specific period of time. This need is common when a baby first arrives in the home or work circumstances demand a temporary change in schedules. Childcare Solutions® can help you find the right care provider to care for your children during this period - usually 4 to 12 weeks - on either a part-time or full-time basis.

Our short-term care-providers go through the same background check process as our permanent care providers and quite often have many years of experience with infants and toddlers. The key to success is matching your specific needs with the talents, skills and flexibility of of the right Nanny.

Childcare Solutions NANNIES-ON-CALL service allows you to cover those times when in-home child care is needed for a short period of time - often with little notice. Whether it's a planned event, or an unexpected emergency - we're there when you can't be.

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Nanny sharing is an arrangement between two families who engage the services of one nanny to care for their children. The families create the job description together and determine the nanny s schedule, job duties and where the care will be provided (ie: which home and when).

Sharing a nanny with another family may be feasible when:

  • You and a local family each have a child for whom you want to provide in-home care
  • Both parties are in agreement that having a nanny is the best option for child care
  • Work hours are compatible and child rearing philosophies are similar
      (pay attention to priorities, approaches to discipline, dietary preferences, etc.)
Nanny sharing can provide families with the best In-Home child care at nearly half the expense of employing a nanny on their own. A "Nanny-Share" can relieve both families of the difficulties involved with scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups from day care - and provide the flexibility and affordability you need.

The benefits of a NannyShare include:

  • Children are with friends/neighbors, not strangers or changing staff
  • Much more affordable than employing a nanny on your own
  • Similar in cost to day care facilities
  • Ability to attract and hire an experienced nanny who would be unaffordable on your own
  • Best of Both Worlds in terms of child socialization and personal attention
  • Fewer illnesses and infections compared to day care
  • Much more scheduling flexibility than day care
  • Complete control over dietary preferences for the children than a day care
  • Children s laundry and possibly some light housekeeping may be accommodated
  • Care is provided to your specifications and preferences
  • Professionally screened care provider when using a nanny agency

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Post Partum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists

A Doula or a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) can assist with a variety of skills and services so you can welcome your new baby home in a safe, loving and caring manner. It is customary to engage a Doula for a period of 4 to 6 weeks - a NCS for 8 to 12 weeks. A Doula helps ease the stress of transitioning with her skills, experience and training. Doulas are trained and certified by DONA, Doulas of North America and BAI, Birth Arts International. Doulas provide you with their expertise in a variety of areas, including:

  • Post Partum care, adjustment and education
  • Pampered care and respite for the new mother
  • Assistance with breast feeding
  • Newborn and sibling care
  • Light housekeeping and meal-time assistance

While Childcare Solutions does not place, refer or endorse any individual doulas, we do recommend contacting DONA - Doulas of North America directly for referrals and information.

A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS), sometimes referred to as a 'dry nurse' or (inappropriately) as a 'baby nurse', is a nanny with extensive experience caring for newborns. A 'certified' NCS' education and traniing have been reviewed and certified by an independent association, such as the Newborn Care Specialists Association (NCSA).

Be very careful when interviewing anyone claiming the title of 'Baby Nurse'. A common reference not long ago, today anyone using the title 'nurse' should be able to demonstrate they have earned a degree and certification from a recofnized board of authority. In other words: if you're not a nurse - you can't call yourself a nurse of any kind. For this reason, our industry as a whole has moved away from using that title in favor of the more descriptive 'Newborn Care Specialist' (NCS).

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For a care-provider to be eligible to register with Childcare Solutions they must be able to provide us with two years of verifiable references detailing their prior child care experience. We then thoroughly interview each of the references and document their comments. Speaking to parents who convey to us their first-hand experience with a candidate is critical in determining a care-provider's suitability for a particular type of position. In our experience, there is no better way to gauge a care-provider's qualifications.

Before you even choose which candidate(s) to interview, this documentation along with a complete background criminal history check and driving record check are provided to you for your own review and consideration.

Our interviewing, screening, social security number trace and criminal/driving records search services are also available on a fee basis should you wish to perform a background check on a care-provider candidate you have solicited on your own.

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Corporate Sponsored
Dependent Care Programs

The Single Most Cost-Effective Employee Benefit A Company Can Provide.

As an HR professional, you know first hand that attracting and retaining the best employees is paramount to your company's long-term success. A Corporate Sponsored dependent care program of benefits from Childcare Solutions will help your organization become "FAMILY FRIENDLY" while at the same time increasing the overall productivity of your staff.

By helping you keep your employees on the job, Childcare Solutions® can:

Imagine the benefit of never again losing your lead I.T. Manager, Head Nurse, or Project Leader for the day due to an unexpected child care need. Reduce postponed and rescheduled meetings; Keep all of your departments running at 100% efficiency - and reduce the stress on your employees.

Our Corporate Sponsored Dependent Care programs are uniquely designed to save your company far more than the annual costs of the program... reducing employee down time, and increasing productivity. As an additional benefit to your company, your organization may be recognized and publicized as being "PROGRESSIVE" and "FAMILY FRIENDLY".

We can help you accomplish all of this - and we can even help you provide these benefits without incurring any additional liability.

More and more companies are seeking out preventative care benefits that ultimately increase employee productivity, reduce employee absenteeism, enhance corporate life and are cost-effective and easy to implement and maintain. Childcare Solutions can help with any or all of the following needs:

  • Staffing Referrals for In-House Day-Care Centers
  • Emergency "On-Call" back-up child care for employees
  • Special Event Child Care
  • Regularly Scheduled Event Care
  • Part-Time and Temporary in-home child care
  • Guest child care (for recruiting or V.I.P.s)

Childcare Solutions works with some of the most well known organizations in the Greater Cleveland area, as well as employees of:
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers
  • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • General Electric
  • University Hospitals
  • Jones-Day
  • Squires, Sanders & Dempsey
  • St. Peter's Lutheran Church
  • Shaker Welcome Wagon
  • Progressive Insurance
  • and many others...

We would be pleased to help you design a dependent care benefits program that meets the needs of your employees and your company. Please contact us to schedule a time when we may meet with you to evaluate how our programs may best serve your organization.
Email Us Telephone: 216-223-8090

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Non-medical Companion Care allows aging seniors to
remain safe and cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Assisted Living Facilities Are Not The Only Option

We now apply our search and matching skills to provide personal care referrals
for seniors who need IN-HOME help and companionship.

Our experience and personal service can
help seniors remain independent in their own home.
Allow us to help you locate the ideal companion and care provider.

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