What Families and Care Providers Say

As you know, I was trying to screen and interview candidates on my own. I am the CEO of a niche executive search firm - so how hard could it be for me to screen candidates from Care.com for a nanny and personal assistant? Turns out, that experience was not worth my time at all.

I contacted you and within hours you were all over my search. I was so impressed with how you approached my job order that I pulled my 3 ads off of Care.com, contacted each of the candidates I had spoken with, and asked them to contact you for next steps. What the heck was I thinking with all these Au pairs?

I want you to know how much I appreciate you as a resource. It is a pleasure working with someone who "gets it" and it has been really fun working with you! Thanks to your efforts on my behalf, our new nanny starts on Monday. I am thrilled and relieved. It is a pleasure working with a professional. I want to send all of my friends to you. You have been amazing! Thank you!
   - JR - Parent/Moreland Hills 4/14

Hi Michael - Following up, I just met with the newborn care specialist you sent us and she's great. She really is just a perfect fit and I'm very, very happy with the referral - it's a perfect match for our needs and schedule. Thank you for putting this together so quickly - what a relief to know this is all set as I head into the hospital for delivery tonight!    
- MS - Parent/Westlake 08/14
Hi Michael- It went well! Yea! - I got the job, we talked schedule, taxes, insurance and everything. I'm happy! They were just happy and smiling when I left like they knew they wanted me. Plus they seem like great people. I'm super excited. Okay awesome! I'm doing a happy dance - and I have you to thank for giving me this opportunity. I owe you! If this job is my new fate I will be one happy girl all around. My life will be balanced. Thank you so much!.    
- NK - Nanny/Lyndhurst 03/14
Hi Michael! We are very relieved and feel good about our decision. You and your service are outstanding. We have appreciated all the additional information and context you (and your website) have provided throughout the process.
Many thanks, Michael.    

- SK - Parent/Shaker Heights 04/14

Michael, Thanks for all your assistance. I appreciate the time that you took with me on the phone to answer my questions and that you responded rapidly every time I contacted you. When my employer's benefits provider couldn't get any 'in-network' agency to assist us, you responded late on Sunday night and arranged for a wonderful care-provider to be here at 8AM on Monday. What a great service you provide! All the best...    
- MO - Parent/Strongsville 3/13
Hi Michael, Thanks so much for your help recently. Debbie was a great help yesterday and Annie today, and they will be great when available for part-time help. It has really helped us out with the move-in. We spoke with Jocelyn this evening and really liked her. She is educated, aligns with our lifestyle, cooks vegetarian food - all great factors for us in addition to the basics. Thanks!    
- KS - Parent/Shaker Heights 3/13
Dear Michael, Thank you... Your candidates are impressive and your sophistication and promptness are too. I will definitely refer your company to my friends who would need your services    
- Tori N - Parent/Gates Mills 8/13
Hi Michael, I just finished my first week with my new family and I am so happy. I love the family and the kids are just terrific. This never could have happened without you... Thank you so much!    
- Therese N - Nanny/Strongsville 8/13
Michael, Thanks for all your assistance. I appreciate the time that you took with me on the phone to answer my questions and that you responded rapidly every time I contacted you. When my employer's benefits provider couldn't get any 'in-network' agency to assist us, you responded late on Sunday night and arranged for a wonderful care-provider to be here at 8AM on Monday. What a great service you provide! All the best...    
- MO - Parent/Strongsville 3/13
Hi Michael, Thanks so much for your help recently. Debbie was a great help yesterday and Annie today, and they will be great when available for part-time help. It has really helped us out with the move-in. We spoke with Jocelyn this evening and really liked her. She is educated, aligns with our lifestyle, cooks vegetarian food - all great factors for us in addition to the basics. Thanks!    
- KS - Parent/Shaker Heights 3/13
Hello Michael,
Everything is going very well. Allie is really great. We're still working on the [Parent-Nanny] agreement, but Allie and I have discussed it and we don't disagree about anything! We'll be in touch again soon. Thank you very much! We're off to a great start.    

- BF - Parent/Cleveland Heights 12/12
You have exceeded my expectations! Again making me wish we had started with you back in December [before trying other agencies]. Honestly, all [the] candidates were excellent.

- MD - Parent/Shaker Heights 2/13
Hi Michael, - Thank you so much for the information and advice. [the nanny you referred] is superior and she has culinary skills that far surpass what the average person can do. We are eating well! As always I appreciate your time. I keep recommending you! Thank you!
   - SG - Parent/Fairlawn 8/12
Michael, [My husband] and I were eager to go with someone from Childcare Solutions. You have a strong business model, an investment in technology, high responsiveness, great understanding of the industry, and total professionalism.

   - RB - Parent/Shaker Heights 2/12

Dad's love us too!

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Hi Michael, I just wanted to say we went through the first week with Nancy and absolutely, it's been life changing, just fantastic - wonderful! I've never had anything like this in my life. My children are thrilled and happy. She is wonderful. And honestly I have gone a very long time with little caring for myself, too, and wow! it's just outstanding. I really appreciate it - again, wow!

I had no idea how great this could be - I didn't even know this kind of help existed... and to see my kids, well they are just thrilled with her - she's conscientious and caring - already in one week it's been just outstanding. Thank you so much for arranging this it just really it's outstanding - I had no idea that something like this even existed, so again, thank you - Thank you very much.
   - DK - Parent/Hudson 9/12

Hi Michael -
I just wanted to again sincerely thank you for sending us Cat. She has been wonderful. The girls have been so delighted to have someone that can bike ride with them, play outside, swim, etc. She is just a happy and content person and she enjoys the days with the girls. I am so happy.

   - LG - Parent/Twinsburg 6/12
Michael -
Thanks again for your ear and honesty - it means so much to me that I can call and talk to you about how to handle things when they come up.
Thank you for the ideas!!!!

   - VK - Parent/Fairview Park 6/12
Dear Michael -
I can't tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the candidates you have been able to send us for consideration. What a difference it makes using an agency that actually knows their candidates and screeens them for our needs. Thank you!

   - SR - Parent/Broadview Heights 1/12
Hi Michael -
Thank you so much! Elizabeth especially loved Jennifer and has asked if she can come back again. You were right—she is a great caregiver and kept the kids busy, happy, and creative all day. She even facilitated them doing their chores. :)

   - AY - Parent/Cleveland Heights 2/12
Dear Michael,
I wanted to write and thank you for all your help over the past 20 weeks. It was an unusual undertaking for you, I am sure, given my health issues. You were able to fulfill all requests and needs (24/7 care) and I am very grateful to you for this. If I come back for baby number 3 I will give you more warning unlike this past time which was 5 days! Again thank you.

   - AKB - Parent/CCF 'High-Profile' patient 1/12
Hi Michael -

Last night I accepted a job offer from [the family you referred to me]. I want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work on my behalf, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you!

   - RP - Nanny/Mayfield 1/12
Hi Michael - I just wanted to let you know that things are working out perfectly. We have really enjoyed getting to know Erin, and the children are really happy. I also appreciate how she's and engaging the children and when I come home she's not anxious to grab her bag and hit the door... So anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know things are going really, really well and Andy and I so appreciate your help. It was a perfect fit. Thanks so much!
   - LG - Parent/Twinsburg 6/11
Hi Michael -

After I met Lisa last week it was like 'she's too good to be true'... I just got off the phone with her current employer and she completely sold me on her. I spoke with Lisa and she's starting on Monday.
Thanks, Michael!

   - CM - Parent/Bratenhal 6/11
Michael at Childcare Solutions not only knows what he is doing but takes the time to find out about you and your needs. Having hired two nannies on our own we dreaded having to start the search all over again. We called Michael and within a few hours had qualified candidates to consider. We have placed a nanny that we think is a perfect fit for us. Money well spent and we would recommend Michael and childcare solutions in a heartbeat.    - TW - Parent/Avon Lake 3/11 Hi Michael - We just met with Heather and she is PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT - a match made in heaven! We made her an offer and she has accepted. She'll be starting with us full-time next week and the kids are so excited. We were just so busy all summer long but you hung in there constantly providing us with the best candidates available. Thank you for your patience (and persistence).    - CM - Parent/Bratenhal 12/10
I really enjoyed working with Michael at Childcare Solutions. He was very quick in responding to all of my questions and e-mails. I applied as a full time nanny and was placed with a great family! I recommend Childcare Solutions all of the time to people looking for a nanny position and families looking for a nanny.
   - JR - Nanny/Medina 3/11
You are so awesome I can't even tell you what your support means to us. This was EXTREMELY helpful. My husband (the "finance guy"/investment consultant/ financial planner for a living) will be drooling over this!!! Michael... you are so thorough and I really appreciate it. You have been such a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you!    - VK - Parent/West Park
Dear Michael... Childcare Solutions is the ONLY PROFESSIONAL AGENCY IN THE AREA. You are notches above other agencies - and that's why we keep coming back to you when we need a care provider or advice on managing our child care options.
   - SK - Parent/Beachwood
I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your assistance. I keep telling all of my friends about how great you are and what a great company you are running. You'll be getting some new sign-ups soon... Once again, thank you for everything!
   - KV - Nanny/Cleveland
Michael -
Thank you for insisting that we meet Annie. You were absolutely right - she is terrific. With her background I didn't think she would be interested in our family, but your assessment of her needs and ours was correct; we're a perfect match for each other. She immediately cancelled her out-of-state interview and accepted our job offer!
   - KR - Parent/Solon
You are AWESOME. Thank you for listening to all of my concerns and providing me with candidates who can meet the unique needs of my chaotic household. I was reluctant at first (to say the least) to implement the schedule of care providers you devised for us but now I can't imagine living without it.    
- CR - Parent/Pepper Pike
THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL! I was so stressed out when our nanny called in sick this morning. You made a yucky situation so much easier by sending a qualified, pleasant capable sub to our home in just about an hour! Amazing work! Thanks again.    - KK - Parent/Shaker Michael -
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate [your work for my family]... it truly shows your professionalism and integrity.
- EW - Parent/Strongsville
Hi Michael -
I so very much appreciate what you have done to help me and how you run your system - it is efficient, you’re responsive and you are truly an amazing resource. TONS of people ask me about where to look for a nanny - and I have always sent them to [another area agency] (because I knew no other), without a doubt you will be who I refer people to now.

   - AF - Parent/Cleveland
I want to thank you again for all your help in our search for a nanny. We went from feeling completely overwhelmed and hopeless... to entirely confident in your abilities to help us find the best possible fit for our family. You really helped us define what our specific needs were and gave wonderful advice during the interview process. You were also very willing to answer any and all questions I had and were also very easily available. Again, I can't thank you enough for your help.    - FB - Parent/Shaker Heights
Out of all the agencies I have been working with,
you have been the most resposnive, efficient, and the most professional.

Thank you!
- MN - Parent/Avon Lake

Hi Michael - Just a quick note to thank you for your help this season. I really appreciate all your efforts to help us out and by providing quality nannies for us this season. I really could not have been more pleased with Christina and Sharon. They were extremely accommodating and developed a great rapport with, not only our kids, but with the parents as well.    - MS, Excecutive Assistant - Cleveland Cavaliers Organization
Michael -
We are thrilled [with our new nanny] and your documentation. We contacted several agencies and your service sent us the most qualified candidates. Thank you, for our second great nanny from Childcare Solutions!
- JD - Parent/Brecksville
Michael - You should be a psychic! Thanks for keeping the smiles coming! You are SO good at what you do!!!!! If I can find business to throw your way, I will. I want someone else to know that searching for childcare CAN be a positive experience and using Childcare Solutions made a world of difference for me! I have QUALITY care.
- RK - Parent/Cleveland
You may not realize that you’re an extraordinarily honest, accurate, direct and thorough source. But you are. Thanks so much, Michael. I am really grateful for all your help and I know my readers appreciate your expertise. - S. Shellenbarger/Wall Street Journal Columnist Michael,
...your answer was the best thing I’ve seen in print on the topic [of nanny background checks].

- S. Shellenbarger/Wall Street Journal - Oct. 2007
Hello Michael -
Great news! Thank you so much for your help and for referring [our nanny] to us... I am so thrilled you matched us up... she could have very easily been "the one that got away"! I would have never come in contact with her without having gone through Childcare Solutions and my husband and I are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. We cannot believe how quickly this has all happened. A TRUE blessing.

Your professionalism, expertise, counsel, sense of urgency and ability to truly listen to your clients' needs is appreciated and will be recommended to others. Thank you for ALL of your help once again.
- VK - Parent/West Park
Michael -
My wife and I just cannot get over that you were able to introduce us to someone as incredibly well qualified as Kristen, as quickly as you did. We were impressed enough with her resume and your professional presentation packet, but when we met her in person she still exceeded our expectations. She is the ideal match for our family.

Thank you for all of your help and advice as we enter into our first parent-nanny relationship. Your recommendations on how to structure an offer to meet our scheduling requirements were invaluable in helping us reach an agreement that worked for all of us.

- GW - Parent/North Olmsted
Michael -

The variety of candidates you selected for us to interview helped us define our needs and gain an understanding of what type of care provider we are really looking for.

Thank you for your insight!

- LM - Parent/Beachwood
Hi Michael - I had been spending hours each night scouring the internet and wasting my time each day just screening out people from all of those websites. After calling you, I interviewed 3 candidates who were all qualified and selected just the right one for our family. What a time and money saver Childcare Solutions has been. Thank you! Your systems are truly amazing.
- SB - Parent/Strongsville
We had Rachel here today to help us out. Your description of her was absolutely perfect - we really knew what to expect. She's going to help out with the rest of the week and may be our long term solution. Thank you again for everything!
- CT - Parent/Shaker Heights
You went way beyond the call of duty... and, of course, you came through with flying colors. We really appreciate it. Correct that, we really appreciate you! I promise to spread the word that you provide great service!
- LL - Parent/Pepperpike
Thank you so much for your ourstanding support, incredible insights and time. You are amazing - and appreciated. Thank you again for everything.
- MB - Parent/North Olmstead
The kids just adored Arlene and can't wait to see her again next week. She is the perfect choice for our family.
- LA - Parent/Kirtland
Angela is a gem! I've asked her to come on the next couple of Tuesdays - she'll call you with the schedule and I'll call later with the rest of the schedule. Again, Angela was just great - membership in Childcare Solutions is a real lifesaver. Thanks!
- Jackie H - Parent/Shaker Heights
I am so thankful that you were able to place me with such a great family last August. Everything is going great still. Thanks for everything!
- DM - Nanny/Euclid
I have been giving you some rave reviews and I know you will find [my friend] a fabulous nanny! Thanks so much for your help.
- JS - Parent/Shaker Heights
What a great family and job. I want it, I love it - get it for me! I love the job and the family!
- LB - Nanny/Cleveland
Lisa is lovely - a very nice girl. You find the nicest ladies! We loved her, the kids loved her. She was just wonderful! Thank you again.
- RN - Temp Client/Solon
They offered me the position - yea! I am very, very happy - I can't believe it! And I am so thankful to you for all of your hard work to find me something!
- JE - Nanny/Gates Mills
I talked to jennifer a couple of hours ago and it went great. I start my new job on Monday - I am very excited and so is she. She said it may turn in to a permanent position too. Thank you so much for everything...
- Maggie - Nanny/University Heights
Thank you so much for all of your help and for putting up with me. I am not usually a difficult person but when it comes to my kids, well, you know... and you have done such an excellent job for us. We love you and recommend you highly to all of our friends.
- SC - Parent/Gates Mills
How blessed I am to have connected with you!
- JM - Nanny/Cleveland
Thank you for all of the opportunities!
- WR - Nanny/Shaker Heights
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. Thank you also for being supportive of me. I truly appreciate it - thanks again!
- CJ - Nanny/Pepper Pike
Jennifer is fantastic, the kids love her! She is neat, tidy, responsible, on-time - and she put a cute braid in the girl's hair - we're very happy!
- SB - Parent/Shaker Heights
Marilyn was absolutely fabulous - we love her. She is really just a total pleasure. Thanks for sending her our way.
- MS - Parent/Cleveland Heights
I just wanted to thank you for tomorrow - especially on such short notice like this, so thank you again!
- MB - On-Call Client/Cleveland Heights
Natalie was wonderful. The boys like her and that is the best compliment you can get! Stephanie was great and so was Brigitte - you've got a great group of nannies!
- JM - Parent/Shaker Heights
The girls had a wonderful time with Marilyn. She's fantastic - thank you so much!
- JP - Parent/Chagrin Falls
The family was great... the girls and I had a wonderful time together... the kittens inside were so cute and the puppies outdoors - I just fell in love with them!
- MT - Nanny/Twinsburg
I just wanted to get back to you and let you know that we're very happy with Stacy. Things seem to be working very well. She's very good with the kids and we're happy with our choice. Thank you for your help.
- Jim T - Parent/Shaker Heights
Thank you so much for Angela. Sarah didn't cry at all when we left, which is amazing...
- MB - Parent/Orange Village
Thumbs Up!
- SF - Parent/Cleveland Heights
I am constantly in awe of how you support your clients and how you find people. Jessica was just outstanding - even with Shawn, and that is to her credit! We really appreciate everything you do, especially on such short notice. It was a great day and everything was fantastic.
- MB - Parent/Orange Village
I wanted to tell you that Natalie was very nice and seemed very competent. She earned every dollar and seemed to handle everything well. She had a busy night - the kids had her running all over. I think she got a taste of what it will be like when her own boys get older!
- Suzanne L - Parent/Shaker Heights
Today was my first day at my new job. It went really well. Things are going so well. Thank you for everything - thank you so much for everything you have done for me.
- NR - Nanny/Chagrin Falls
I just met with the [parents] and accepted the position! We're going to start at the end of this month. They're a lovely family and I think we're going to be together for along time. Thank you!
- MG - Nanny/Bedford Heights
Mary was great - she's a darling person. She actually works at our church, but we had never met her before. We thought she was great and the girls really enjoyed her. Thanks for all of your help... for helping us out with sitters as always - we're glad you're in business, it's a great help!
- DL - Parent/Shaker Heights
I am really, really enjoying my job, which is amazing to me because I was so unhappy in my previous position. Thank you so much for everything you did to help me!
- Kiersten D - Nanny/Shaker Heights
Eveything went just great yesterday - Jessica was great and what an artist! The kids were in awe of her work. Thank you again!
- SL - Parent/Solon
I LOVE my job! I love working with [my family's] kids. [They] are wonderful and I love the kids. I find myself missing them when I come home. Thank you so much!
- MD - Nanny/Willoughby
You did it again! Thank you so much for all of your assistance with my recent job interviewing and placement process. I really appreciate all of your hard work... and your wonderful follow up. You truly are very good at what you do!... I can definately see why you get so many referrals - you are the "best in the business".
- Julie - Nanny/Parma Heights
I wanted to thank you for your support of my recent decisions. I value your opinion very much and your "approval" and professional and personal opnions mean a lot to me. Thank you... thanks for everything! You're the best!
- JV - Nanny/Parma Hts.
Dear Michael -
I am so touched that you went to all this time and trouble. You went way above and beyond. Thank you so much! Warmest Regards,

- KG - Parent/Baltimore
To: The world's Greatest Matchmaker -
We are both thrilled to be working together!

- KG & BR - Parent & Nanny/Shaker Heights
Maggie is fantastic - she is just as sweet as sweet can be! I am really happy. As always, I appreciate what you do.
- Parent/Pepper Pike
Debbie has just been fantastic with Eli.
Thank You!

- MS - Parent/Shaker Heights
The nanny you sent was great - she was prompt and courteous and the kids loved her. You always amaze me with how well you do what you do.
- SM - Parent/Brecksville
Michael helped me with an emergency over the weekend, and as always, you guys came through for me. I absolutely love Brigitte - she is just fabulous. This is so much better a situation than I used to have!
- CW - Parent/University Heights
I just had a "trial" day with the family you sent me to and I love these kids! Thanks for finding me this job - you're great!
- MM - Nanny/Parma
I found the canidates you sent our way were of a really high quality. I will refer you to all of my friends. I found it to be very much a pleasure to work with you.
Thank alot!

- BM - Parent/N. Ridgeville
I just celebrated my two year anniversary with my family - I love them so much! Thank you for finding me this job.
- CW - Nanny/Chagrin Falls
I've wanted to say something for awhile: Thank you for being so generous of spirit. You are really appreciated. Thanks alot!
- AB - Nanny/Solon
I was referred to you by two of my friends who you helped find nanny positions and they insisted that I work only with Childcare Solutions.
- GF - Nanny/Gates Mills
I'm writing to thank you for my interview last week. I am very impressed with your company and your thoroughness. The families who work with you are very blessed.
- BS - Nanny/N. Canton
I am so glad I registered with Childcare Solutions. You're so nice and do all you can to get me many positions. Thanks so much!!!.
- DS - Nanny/North Royalton
I just found your website! I've been telling people about Childcare Solutions for years, ever since I've been associated with you. I'm always recommending Childcare Solutions when someone mentions a need..
- SK - Parent & Nanny/Twinsburg
...thank you for all your help with finding me a nanny position. I have just started it this week, and I love it! It is absolutely perfect, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into finding the right fit for me! :) Thanks again.
- CB - Nanny/Parma
Michael - I used the suggestion you gave me and it was a huge hit. Thank you for taking the time to think of us and calling with such a wonderful idea. You are wise! I will be referring all of my friends and colleagues to Childcare Solutions.
- KC - Parent/Hudson

Thank you to everyone for your emails, notes, letters and phone calls.
It is your input and feedback that enables Childcare Solutions to continually improve the services we provide.

      Michael Gerard,  Executive Director
      Elaine Chandler,  Client Consultant

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