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What Does The Nanny Charge?
Nanny salaries can vary widely depending on experience, the specific job requirements and the benefits provided as part of a complete compensation package. The starting hourly wage for a quality nanny in our area is commonly between $20 - $28 per hour. As a household employer, you pay your nanny directly on a weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly basis. For budgeting purposes, you can expect to pay between $800 - $1,200 per week for a full-time nanny.

Agency Fees
Our $175.00 search fee entitles you to unlimited use of our search and referral service to assist you in selecting and hiring a care provider. There are no additional fees charged until a candidate we refer to you accepts your job offer.

When you review the profile of a care provider referred by Childcare Solutions, in addition to viewing the candidates resume, references and hand written registration/application paperwork, you will also have access to their background-check information, which includes:
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Criminal Records Report
  • Driving Records Report
  • Past Employers and References
  • Verified Past Address History
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Copies of Certifications and Letters of Reference (if provided)
Once you have hired a care provider we will assist you with the employment contract using Childcare Solutions proprietary "Parent-Nanny Agreement" and "Household Checklist". We will also provide referrals for excellent nanny-tax, payroll and insurance professionals.

Most agencies in the US charge a Placement fee based on a percentage of the care-provider's annual compensation. Our fees are very competitive both locally and nationally and reflect the level of service you can expect from a professional nanny agency.

When your job offer to a referred care provider candidate is accepted by the care provider you will incur a Placement Fee based on our current Fee Schedule and the terms of your job offer.

  • Live-Out (P/T or F/T) Nanny Placement Fee:
          A one-time flat fee no greater than 7.5% of the care provider's annualized
          compensation, based on the specifics of your nanny work agreement.
              $850 minimum placement fee

  • Live-In Nanny Placement Fee:
          A one-time fee equal to 10% of the care provider's annualized compensation.

  • Nanny-Share Placement Fee:
          $1,000 due upon hire and 2 Monthly Payments of $377.50.

  • Managed Care Consulting Fee:
          $4,000 or 14% of care provider's annualized salary
            (whichever is greater)   Includes Nanny Placement Fee

  • On-Call Nanny Placement Fee:
            (a $10/surcharge applies for requests made with less than 48 hours notice)

  • Au Pair Program Fee:
            Includes, overseas airfare, training, health insurance and more...
             click here for details of the Au Pair Program

  • If You Are Using an Internet Based Search Service...

    Childcare Solutions is happy to help you in screening and qualifying care provider candidates you locate on your own. We�ll assist you in identifying & interviewing candidates and performing REAL background checks on the care providers you choose. Based on your needs, our services are available � la carte.

    We can help you weed out the "whacko�s" from the exceptional candidates, saving you time, energy and money. Put the odds of making a good choice in your favor by leveraging our experience! Engage our service to help you structure an attractive job description, make a market based job offer, prepare a legally compliant work agreement and set-up proper insurance and payroll procedures to protect your family from the risks and liabilities involved when you become a �household employer�.

    Note: Fees are subject to change.
    The current published fee schedule in effect at the time of placement will apply.

  • We do the
    based on your search criteria

    We Do The
    to provide you with candidates qualified to meet your criteria

    We Provide The
    so you may speak with previous employers

    We Do The
    including criminal records check, driving records check and sex offender check

    You Make The Choice!


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