"Dear Nanny..."
(I'm very nervous about hiring a nanny - what should I expect?)

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"Is It Worth It To Use A Nanny Agency?"

  • What makes Childcare Solutions different?
  • When should I begin my search?
  • How do you locate and recruit care providers?
  • Is there a "typical" Nanny?
  • Do you check the background of a candidate?
  • So, what does a Nanny do?
  • What is a "Post Partum DOULA"?
      What is a "Newborn Care Specialist"?
  • Why are you a Membership Organization?
  • How do you charge for your services?
  • What happens if the Nanny we choose
        doesn't work out for our family?
  • How do we compensate our Nanny -
        What about min. wage and overtime laws?
  • Can a foreign Nanny apply for an
        employment-based immigrant visa?
  • Why should we guarantee our nanny a min.
        number of paid hours per week? and,
        How should we handle "Holiday Pay"?
  • Can you help us define our needs?
        What other information
        do we need to know?
  • What is a Nanny-Share? (Nanny Sharing)
    Can a Nanny-Share reduce our child care expenses?
  • Should a nanny be vaccinated?
        What vaccines are recommended?
  • The kids are in school/camp during some days...
    Should We Pay Our Nanny To Be "On-Call"?
  • Looking For Nanny Health Insurance?
    How does the Health Insurance Marketplace work?
  • Can we SAVE Money by providing a
    Health Insurance Reimbursement?
  • What does "ObamaCare" mean to me?
  • What are "Certifications" and What do all
      these titles mean?
  •     How To Speak 'Nanny'
      NY Times Article
  • What is our liability when our nanny
        drives our children in her car?
  • What does a nanny care about,
      and what are her expectations?
  • What Are The Rules For Calculating
    Salary, Wages and Overtime?
  • Top Tax FAQs
    Answers to common Nanny Tax questions
  • Ohio Tax & Labor Law Summary
  • Legal & 'Illegal' Interview Questions
  • Health Insurance Tax Law  [pdf]
  • Min. Wage & Overtime Law  [pdf]
  • Salary/Hourly Wage & Overtime
  • Paycheck Tax Calculator
        What Taxes Can I Expect To Pay?
  • Tell Us About Your Needs and Receive A
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