How do you charge for your services?

Many agencies charge families an "application fee" just to begin a search. That fee is charged whether or not they ever provide you with a candidate to interview, or whether or not you choose to interview any of the candidates they provide.

Childcare Solutions charges no application fee. We don't require you to join the organization for us to begin a search. It goes back to ethics: We don't want to charge you unless we can be of help to you. Our SEARCH FEE of $175.00 is assessed only if and when you choose to begin to review the detailed profiles of the candidates we match for you, or if you choose to use our temporary and on-call services. If we can't present you with candidates whom you wish to review, you won't be charged any fees.

Should you choose to join our organization, the SEARCH FEE and all Placement Fees, are one-time fees: we do not charge any annual or recurring fees. You have all the benefits of our search and recruiting services available to you, including our temporary and emergency care referrals. We charge placement fees only for the placements we actually make and a SEARCH FEE only when you place a job order for a new long-term placement. See the for our fee schedule.

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