So, what does a Nanny do?

With Childcare Solutions the real question is "What do you want your Nanny to do?"
We begin by taking the time to understand the specific details of your needs. Our search and screening is then based upon your criteria. The candidates we refer to you for consideration will all have a clear understanding of your needs and be pre-qualified to work with your family.

Above all else, the primary responsibility of a Nanny is the HEALTH, SAFETY and WELFARE of your children. It is customary for a Nanny to plan age appropriate activities that teach, enlighten, and engage your children. Further, a Nanny will tend to the preparation of children's meals, care for the children's laundry and the tidiness of the children's personal areas and possessions.

Beyond that, a Nanny may very well be open to taking on additional responsibilities within your household. It is not unusual for a Nanny to grow into the position of "House Manager". Successful relationships are built on a clear understanding of expectations. By using our Parent-Nanny Agreement to document job responsibilities and expectations, we help assure a smooth, ongoing relationship between you and your Nanny. With more than twenty years of experience in this area, Childcare Solutions creates a comprehensive agreement between you and your Nanny that stands as the foundation of a long-term relationship.

The customary contract for a full-time Nanny is for one year. We have many care providers who have remained with the same family for four, five, even eight years (and counting!).
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