How do you check the background and qualifications of a candidate?

Only when a candidate has completed a written application, interviewed with us, and provided us with care references covering two years of prior experience will we consider registering them with our agency.

Our procedure is to then complete:
1) Social Security Number Verification with Past Address History

2) Criminal background history check (arrest records, criminal charges)

3) Driver's record search (accidents, citations, suspensions, revocations - back three years)

4) References, with contact information documented and provided for your review.

(We believe this is the most crucial part of the information we compile
because this is where you get to hear, directly from parents who know the
candidate, what they believe are the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.)
5) Credit records search (completed only for Live-In applicants, or upon request)
When you determine that you want to review a Nanny candidate's profile, you will do so with the benefit of the background check documentation on file as well as:
  • Copies of each interview we conduct with the candidate's references
  • A copy of the candidate's hand written application
  • A copy of the candidate's current driver's license
  • All supporting documentation to the candidate's resume
Our success has been built upon our unique relationship with families.
Since we do not earn any revenues from care providers, we are free to work for your exclusive benefit. We don't tell you what a Nanny will do; we come to understand your needs, desires, and requirements. We then conduct a search based on those specific and unique criteria.

We understand fully that you are the employer and your Nanny is your employee.
We help you navigate all of the issues related to that specific relationship including compensation, insurance, and taxes. Our Parent-Nanny Agreement and Parent Checklist are proprietary documents that help ensure a successful relationship between you and your Nanny and help you create a safe home environment for your children.

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