Why should we guarantee our nanny a
minimum number of paid hours per week?

You are the employer � and like any employer you get to set the terms of the job and the compensation. At first blush it may seem silly to pay your nanny for thirty hours of work on a week when you let her go early a couple of days and she only worked 26 hours. However, we recommend a guaranteed minimum number of hours because a nanny who consistently does not have the opportunity to work the number of hours expected is a nanny who will soon be looking for a new employer.

The cost of turnover (interviewing, screening, training, missing work, etc.) is very high to you. The small amount spent to provide a stable income for your nanny is very small in comparison.

Guaranteeing your care provider a minimum number of hours per week allows her to budget. Care-providers work to live, and they live paycheck-to-paycheck. If you are still uncomfortable with the idea, talk to your nanny to determine if she is willing (and able) to accept a lower minimum number of hours than her regular schedule.

The long & short of it is that you are under no obligation to do so, but guaranteeing a minimum number of hours is likely mutually beneficial.

How should we handle "Holiday Pay"?

While no applicable laws or regulations govern nanny holiday pay in Ohio, it is usual and customary to compensate a nanny for holidays she is not required to work, when they fall on a day she is normally scheduled to work. This is how we prevent a 'holiday' from becoming a dreaded day of lost wages for our valued employee.

For example, let�s say your nanny works Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

  • She is given Thanksgiving Thursday off and receives 'Holiday Pay' (because she would have worked that day had it not been for the holiday). Also, it is customary that an employee required to work on a holiday be paid their regular wage PLUS 'holiday pay'.

  • Memorial Day and Labor Day are celebrated on Mondays � but in this scenario (T-Th-Fri schedule) your nanny�s work schedule does not call for her to work on Mondays, so she would not be paid for those holidays (because she isn't losing any of her weekly income).
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