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Family therapy works more quickly than other types of counseling because it is Solution Focused and looks at problems in the context of the people we interact with most intimately.

Recurring patterns of unwanted interactions create the most pain in our lives but, if we see these behaviors as having more to do with the effect they have on our current relationships than with some unresolved connection to our past, we can strengthen and marshal our own skills and native resilience to bring about permanent change.

Dr. Gerard cares. He is patient, knowledgeable, informative, and perceptive. Dr. Gerard focuses on forward motion, giving couples the knowledge and the tools to help improve the current situation and prevent unhealthy behaviors. As a couple new to therapy, we were not sure what to expect but Dr. Gerard immediately put us at ease. He saw the root of the problem and helped us to address it. My husband and I have a happier and healthier marriage as a result. I highly recommend meeting with Dr. Gerard. Thank You! - Jenny


Our goal is to successfully conclude therapy as quickly as possible.

Family therapists also clarify from the start what the goal of therapy is and how you would know it was successfully achieved. And we give you a reasonable idea of how long we think it will take to accomplish this goal. So clients have a realistic idea, usually after a first session, of what to expect, how long it will take, and how they will know if the professional is really helping them.

Dr. Gerard is very knowledgable and very thorough. He is able to present facts so that both parties can see the other side's of point view. He helped us in few short sessions and we will carry it with us always. Thank you so much, you were a great help! - Julia

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Dr Gerard saved our engagement. When we went to our first appointment we were both in tears and ready to call off the wedding. He immediately and correctly assessed our issues and 7 sessions later we were laughing and holding hands and have been ever since. The sessions were more like meetings with a life long friend. He is supportive, unbiased, and extremely knowledgeable. I'd encourage anyone and everyone to put this man's expertise to work for them. We will forever be grateful that we did. - C&J

What to Expect

In the first session, each person will have an opportunity to describe the difficulty from his or her point of view. I may also briefly meet with each client individually as well. Then I'll respond to these descriptions with a hypothesis about the problem you bring to therapy and how I propose to help you.

If everyone agrees that it is a good idea to continue with the plan, we will schedule subsequent sessions and set a date for us to evaluate progress and determine whether to conclude therapy or to continue.

In the final session, we will review progress, look to anticipate any difficulties that may arise in the future, and plan how to deal with them using your own strengths and new skills rather than having to return to a professional.

I believe people are capable of solving most of their problems on their own. Some problems are more difficult, however, and require the guidance of a sympathetic, neutral problem-solving professional. I am here for you if such an occasion should arise.

Dr. Gerard is more than a wise man, he is truly an angel. What he gave back to me and my wife is something I can't express is words. Please don't hesitate to make an appointment if you are having issues. Just show up with an open mind and a willingness to work and he can guide you back to where you need to be. Thank you Dr. Gerard, you are a gifted man.  - ILA

Some Challenges that a Family Therapist can Quickly Help You Solve:

    · Sometimes you are overwhelmed with stress.
    · You or your partner often loses his or her temper.
    · Depression sometimes overcomes you or your partner.
    · Your teenager is suddenly getting into trouble.
    · You or your partner refuses to share in household chores, depending on others to pick up the slack.
    · You or your partner is uncommunicative.
    · You or your partner is unhappy with the level of intimacy in your relationship.
    · You or your partner wants more personal space in your day-to-day living.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gerard.

Jonathan was able to assess our issues quickly and helped us resolve a central conflict in our marriage within 4 visits. Only someone who is a good listener, bright, and is empathetic can achieve these kinds of results in such a short period of time. He never took sides and gave us the tools to help us resolve issues as they arise.

Most importantly, Dr. Gerard helped us learn to respect one another for our own individual needs. Dr. Gerard is warm, funny, and made us feel at ease immediately. In fact, my husband who was initially intimated by marriage counseling said to me, "If I ever need help with any personal issues, I would definitely see Dr. Gerard myself!" To me that is saying a lot!

We cannot recommend Dr. Gerard more highly!

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Dr. Jonathan Gerard

Jonathan Gerard is an ordained rabbi who has worked with youth and families for over 35 years. He has an MAT from the University of Massachusetts School of Education and a DMin in psychology from Andover-Newton. He completed his post-doctoral clinical training at the  University of New Hampshire Center for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Dr. Jonathan H. Gerard

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